Why is it beneficial to rent a minibus?
– In case of more than 5 people travelling together you don’t need 2 cars,<br />– You don’t have 2 drivers for 2 cars,<br />– On a longer way the drivers can take turns, so it’s much safer.<br /><strong>And even?</strong></p> <p style="text-align: center">"Continue <p style="text-align: justify">
What kind of extras can I take?
– Multimedia headup display,<br />– Navigation System, <br />– Rear camera<br />– 4G-LTE WiFi,<br /><strong>And even?</strong></p> <p style="text-align: center">"Continue <p style="text-align: justify">
What prices can I rent a minibus?
<strong>Special, promotional, initial prices.</strong><br />– 1-3 day rentals 60€/day…<br />– 4-10 day rentals 50€/day…<br />– 11-30 day rentals 43€/day…<br /><strong>Is it possible to rent more than 30 day?</strong></p> <p style="text-align: center">"Continue <p style="text-align: justify">

Welcome to the RenaRent minibus rental website!

In our promotion this year our high-quality, highly-equipped Ford Transit 2,4 TDCi 350L minibus can be rented for the best price.

Our motto is that the satisfied and returning customers lead for the long-term success of our company.


Our company was created with the aim to provide outstanding quality, but sufficiently flexible service to our customers.

To this end, day by day we strive through small, sometimes large-scale developments, in response to the needs of our customers we have a range of features an even higher level of service and appreciable complexity. Including the continued expansion of our vehicles as well.

A pleasant and at the same time safe journey’s basic condition is the impeccable aesthetic and the technical condition: so on one hand we give You our minibus clearly after a thorough cleaning, on the other hand after constant servicing, in addition, we complete with Assistance service to the most comfortable and as safe as possible to reach your destination!

Rent a minibus isn’t a luxury, it’s an option, for groups of friends or families, or business trips.

Why is it beneficial and when is it worth to rent a minibus?

  • In case of more than 5 people travelling together you don’t need 2 cars
  • You don’t have 2 drivers for 2 cars
  • On a longer way the drivers can take turns, so it’s much safer
  • The minibus can be traced with a driving licence cathegory „B”
  • The company travels together, so the journey goes by more quickly and in better mood
  • You don’t have to pay tolls for 2 cars (in addition to here you can rent with valid annual hungarian sticker)
  • Only one car consumes fuel, emits harmful materials, contaminate ou enviroment
  • Furthermore, from the second car’ fuel costs the renting price can come out
  • In the spacious luggage compartment

Other advanteges, if you rent minibus here:

  • Uniquely, in our minibus a 22′ Full-HD LED TV provides the entertaining travel experiance. (Music, Movie playback from USBHDMI input for connecting laptop, tablet or telephone)
  • Uniquely, in our minibus a highspeed (4G-LTE) Internet WiFi router provides.
  • Equipped with laptops and other electronic devices to charge during the road 230V, 200W power, USB port car voltage converter as well. (Inverter)
  • LED reading lamps provide the possibility of reading to the rear seat night bookworms
  • Our minibus has also a 2-zone air condition and tempomat, thus making the journey more comfortable
  • You can always rent seasonal tires and in case of needs, snow chains
  • We ensure the mitigation of the risks of your travel with Assistance service also include full CASCO, professional alarm and GPS tracker
  • A reversing radar also help you with parking for the drivers with less routine with a big car
  • Due to the economical diesel engine and the 6-speed transmission you can also save on fuel costs (9,5 liters / 100km)

Before the renting, in an agreed date you can view the vehicle in our premises and before the journey you can try it as well! Do not leave it to chance trip, make yourself about the wrote above, and don’t hesitate to choose our PREMIUM minibus.

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We hope that soon you’ll among our satisfied customers!